Modular Furniture

WFH Workstation

Stay productive while you work from home, without compromising your spine or posture with our easy to set up ‘Work From Home’ workstations. Specially designed for compact homes with a thoughtful and practical design that focuses on long working hours, comfort, space, storage, accessibility, and much more.  We offer an overhead concealed LED-light panel for your Zoom calls with a multipurpose wide and sleek drawer for your storage needs. It has a writable and erasable front side for quick notes with a comfortable footrest for long-working hours. With the laminated front to stick post-its and a pre-installed multi-socket power strip with a fast-charging USB slot, we designed a perfect WFH workstation for you. 

Modular Kitchen

Our new and innovatively designed Modular Kitchens have a chic look with better utilization and improved features. We believe in delivering excellent functionality and spacious storage in our designs. The Fine Quality and Elegant looks of our designs will make your time spent in the kitchen worth the while.

Wardrobe & Cabinet

We design Modular Wardrobes and Cabinets to add a touch of style and elegance to your bedroom. While elevating your room’s outlook, our designs provide you with multiple cabinets and enough space with a choice of swing or sliding doors.   


We design modular vanities keeping in mind the bathroom storage utility. The spacious and broad cabinets of the vanity gives you enough space while adding a classy touch to your bathroom.

LED Wall

The living area of your house is incomplete without the  TV unit. Our high-fashion LED-Wall unit brings a modish look to your living room, along with providing you with storage utility cabinets.