Pure Skies Air Purification system

Pure Skies Air Purification System

Made with an award-winning technology for clean air, Pure Skies Air Purifier uses pulsed radio waves in the Wi-Fi spectrum to accelerate the natural clearance of certain pollutants by dry deposition. It is particularly effective for particle pollutants – PM10 and PM2.5 and reduces them by a minimum of 33% (typically 50-80%). The technology used in Pure Skies is offered by Devic Earth, a green tech company with innovative solutions for air, water, and soil pollution. Citiart is their registered Channel Partner with re-selling rights to industries, corporates, and home users.

Pure Skies offers sustainability and functional efficacy to your home, office, large buildings, heavy factories, or outdoors like event venues, sports stadiums, or airports. It provides you with app-based real-time monitoring.

Pure Skies Potentially Neutralizes COVID-19.

In the experimental investigation at NAL, Kanpur, we observed a decrease in the size of the pollutant particles from micrometre to nanometre. Keeping this in mind, research conducted at the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology, Trivandrum, shows that our upcoming Pure Skies 2.0 can achieve a reduction of SARS COVID-19 in ambient air by around 61%. 

Range of Pure Skies Air Purification System

Pure Skies 3000- Citiart


Pure Skies 3000 provides clean and fresh air to your place while adding an aesthetic and sleek look to the space. It covers over 20,000 sq ft of area, perfect for your home. Its cuboid shape fits in any corner without wasting space. The smart technology used in it ensures improved performance with every use. It provides air purification unobtrusively in a quiet way, without causing any disturbance in the surrounding.

Pure Skies 5000- Citiart


Pure Skies 5000 is designed to cover up to 50,000 sq ft area. It purifies the air with sustainability and holds a long life span. Made with innovative technology, it can withstand rough handling with low maintenance. For the convenience of the customers, there is an application to review the performance of Pure skies.

Pure Skies 6000- Citiart


Pure Skies 6000 is built to give a long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance. It can provide pure air up to a 1,50,000 sq ft area. With its great functional features, it can operate in a wide range of environmental conditions and remove air pollution efficiently. You can monitor the product using your smartphone through an application. It improves the air quality up to min of 33 % and provides you with a fresh ambience all the time.

Pure Skies - Citiart


Specially designed for the outdoors, Pure Skies 9000 covers an extensive area. It offers high efficiency irrespective of the diverse weather conditions. The tough and durable features of this industrial air purifier provide great resistance to the elements of nature and don’t let them affect the air purification process. The smart and innovative technology used in it offers you application-based monitoring of its performance to ensure better utility.